Most Beautiful Rainy day in Bangladesh

Most Beautiful Rainy day in Bangladesh


Rain is a kind of liquid, which falls from the sky to the surface. Water vapor concentrates in the Earth's atmosphere and creates clouds . When these drops are very heavier, they fall into the earth, it is called rain. Rain is the major source of fresh water in most parts of the world. Rainwater is much safer and pure. Rainfall is needed to keep hydropower projects active and save agriculture irrigation systems.  Although not all types of rainfall coming to the surface. Some of the rain points dry up when read through dry air. This rain knows as Varga is found in the arid desert areas.

Most Beautiful Rainy day in Bangladesh

Waking up this morning, I saw all the skies filled with black clouds. All around dark. The face of the sun was not seen all day. As far as the vision is just cloud overcloud. It started at noon. when falling the rain on the tin roof filled the mind with happiness. Because then the sound of the rain seemed like the tune of Anklet. As the day progresses, rainfall is increasing. In the afternoon, the torrential downpour eased . But Early in the evening, it starts raining again cats and dogs. It is Raining continuously. It seems like someone is dancing on the tin roof. The Continuous sound of the rain has overwhelmed the mind today. I heard the rain sound in the forest next to the window. Thunderstorms occasionally roar and the sound of the wind comes to the ears. There are no people on the streets today. I looked out the window but I could not see anything in the dark. In this day, without obligation, nobody usually wants to out of the home. 

The Bengali food on Most Beautiful Rainy day in Bangladesh 

Vhuna khichuri

As the clouds call in the sky, the stomach becomes hungry. Everyone wants to eat a special meal. the name of the particular food is Vhuna Khichuri. Vhuna khichuri with broth, a few slices of meat, an onion, lemon, and a little salad.WoW!

Hilsa fry

Hilsa is a fish that likes to eat peoples at any time, under any circumstances.  On a rainy day in Bangladesh, hilsa is very good to eat. In this rain,hilsa is only nectar as fry. However, if one eats hilsa fry with khichuri , the taste will increase but not decrease.

Chicken fry

Chicken fries are everyone's favorite food. on a rainy day, Chicken fry is very good to eat 

Tea and Coffee

In a word, Chatting on a rainy day without tea and Coffee does not happen in Bangladesh .

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