Haor of Dibir -Most beautiful Bangladeshi place.

Haor of Dibir -Most beautiful Bangladeshi place

Haor of Dibir -Most Beautiful Bangladeshi place 

 Haor of Dibir or Water lily flowers Lake is a haor located in Jaintapur Upazila. It is also known as"Red Shapla water Beel"( Beel means Lake and Shapla means water lily flower) . There are Dibir Beel ,Yam Beel,Font cut Beel , and kendri Beel. This four beel together are called red Shaola Beel . The area of the four Beels is 900 acres or 3.84 sq km. Naturally, the red shapla flower is born here. Dibir has four Beels including haor , Yam, Harafkata, kendri Beels .Dibir haor has been named after the Beels. The four beels are located at the foot of Meghalaya hills on the Bangladesh-India border . Beel has taken shape in the Shapla flowers kingdom. There are many red water lilies in the in the Beels .The attraction of Dibir haor is the mountain range next to the haor .

Natural beauty of  Most Beautiful Bangladeshi place Dibir haor 

This Beels takes one at a time from season to season. These Seasonal Beels of Shapla can be observed in a different beauty. An additional attraction is the mountain range beyond the haor. That hill in Meghalaya , India seems to be another paradise of creation .Dibir haor is full of red water lilies. And thousands of people are rushing there every morning to enjoy that beauty. They are sailing around the haor in small boats. Enjoying the amazing beauty of red shapla in the gap of green leaves. As soon as the rainy season ends, red water lilies bloom in the haor . From the end of autumn to the beginning of winter, the beauty of water lilies spreads . However, most shapla flowers are seen in the middle of autumn. At this time the crowd grows of visitors and nature lovers. you will also find a variety of birds in winter here. Numerous migratory birds come to this Dibir haor every year. The red shapla of the morning, the beauty of mountains, the chirping of the birds is like a paradise of nature .


This Beel did not have any kind of shapla before. Thirty years ago,the khasia community on the side of the border used to worship with red shapla .The khasia family planted red shapla flowers saplings in Dibir beel to the demand for flowers in worship . From then on , one by one ,the ponds and ditches of the surrounding people including Dibir haor ,kendri Beel,Harafkata Beel, Yam Beel became full of red water lilies. Red shapla occupies at least 700 acres of land of the four Beels . Raja ram singh jainta kindom was drowned in this haor . There is also two hundred -year-old temple built in that memory.

Most beautiful Bangladeshi place.

How to go 

Most beautiful Bangladeshi place Dibir haor from sylhet you have to come directly to jaintapur by bus ,laguna ,CNG , powered autorickshaw or private car on sylhet-Tamabil road . A short distance from jaintapur Bazar ,on the right side of the road ,you can see the special camp of border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) Dibir haor .After crossing one kilometer on the dirt road by the side of the camp ,you will reach shapla Beel.Boat rent will be 300 to 400 taka .CNG- powered autorickshaws will Cost 1500 to 1600 taka for the whole day . you can keep dry food with no restaurant nearby .

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