International Mother Language Day

International Mother Language Day

International Mother Language Day 

Ekushey February is a glorious day for the people of West Bengal and all Bengali-speaking countries including Bangladesh. It is also known as Martyrs Day and international mother language day. It has been marked as a day of tragic and glorious memories of the language movement of the Bengali people. On this day 1952 ( 8 Falgun 1358), some young people were martyred in police firing on the students protesting for making Bengali one the state languages of East Pakistan. Some of them are Rafiq, Jabbar, Shafiul, Salam, Barkat, and many others. That is why this day has been marked as Martyrs Day. In accordance with the decision taken by the United Nations in 2010, the international  Mother language day is observed on the 21st of February every year. 


Dhaka, the capital of post-partition East Bengal, on the Basis of the language day consciousness that arose in the Bengali self-awareness about the position of the Bengali language in Bengali society. There was a limited movement in march 1984 and it reached its climax in February21,1952. That morning, when the students of Dhaka University came out on the streets in violation of section 144, the police open fire on them. Abul Barkat, Abdul Jabbar, Abdus salam, and some other students were killed in the incident. Angry Dhaka residents gathered at the Dhaka medical college hostel to protest the incident. Despite the torture, the students, as well as the general public, took to the streets again the next day, February 22, to protest .they participated in the funeral procession held for martyrs at the Medical college hostel premises. To immortalize the memory of the language martyrs, a monument was erected on the premises of the medical college hostel on the night of  23 February, which the government demolished on 26 February. The language movement gained momentum through this incident on 21st February. when the united front won the provincial assembly elections in 1954, Bengala was recognized as one of the state languages of Pakistan in the session of the constituent assembly held on 7 May. The Constitution was amended on 29 February 1956 by recognizing Bengali as the Second state language of Pakistan.  On 26 February 1987, the "Bangla Language introduction bill" was passed in the jatiya sangsad. which is effective from March 8,1987.

Recognition as international Mother language day 

The united nations will observe the international mother language day on February 21 every year from Thursday, October 21,2010, at the 75th session of the UN General Assembly. A resolution in this regard was passed unanimously. Bangladesh raised the proposal to observe the international mother language day in the 65th session of the General Assembly . In May,113-member UN committee on information passed the resolution unanimously.


Ekushey February is a day of eternal inspiration and unforgettable for the Bengali nation. It is not only In Bangladesh, Now it is the life being celebrated all over the world as International Mother language day. This is a sad, glorious , arrogant, and glorious day in the life of the nation. February 21,1952 was the first resistance of the Bengalis against colonial rule and exploitation and the first emergence of national consciousness. On the day Rafiq, Jabbar,Salam, Barkat,and safiur fresh blood to keep the dignity of the mother tongue Bengali. This is the first instance in the history of the world to shed blood on the streets for the mother tongue. The alphabet and the mother tongue were chained in exchange for their blood that day. and through this, the struggle for the development of Bengali nationalism, which had begun, came to an end with the rise of independent Bangladesh along the glorious path of the War of Liberation. Ekushey February has therefore become a symbol of eternal inspiration to Bengalis. From the first dawn of Ekushey, the nation remembers the language martyrs with gratitude. This day has been celebrated as National Martyr's day every year since 1952. At present, Under the auspices of Dhaka University, at 12:01 Am on February 21, first the president and then the prime minister, members of the Cabinet, Vice-Chancellor of Dhaka University , teacher, officials of Various embassies in Dhaka, political leaders, Various organizations and people from all walks of life paid their respects at the central Shaheed Minar. After the independence of Bangladesh,21st February was declared as a public holiday. Radio, television, and culture organize various programs highlighting the significance of Martyrs Day. the Country's newspapers also publish Special supplements. Bangla Academy organizes Ekushey Bookfair in Dhaka throughout the month of February.

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