Tanguar Haor- Sunamganj

Tanguar Haor- Sunamganj


Tanguar Haor- Sunamganj

Tanguar Haor is one of the largest group of water bodies in Bangladesh. A freshwater haor in Dharmapasha and Tahirpur upazilas of the northeastern Prantesunamganj district of Bangladesh is the second Ramsar area of Bangladesh. Khasia in Meghalaya, India, is a huge sanctuary for fish, birds and other aquatic animals in the foothills of the Jainta Hills, adorned with rows of hijl-karch, the chirping of birds. At present the total number of water mahals is 51 and the total area is 6,912.20 acres. However, the area of the entire haor including the reed forest and Hijal karach forest during the monsoon season is about 20,000 acres. Tanguar Haor is rich in nature's generous gifts. This haor is not just a water body or a place for raising, conserving and catching fish. This is a mother fisherman. Hijal karach's vision has made this haor enchanting. Apart from this, there are more than two hundred species of plants including reed, milkweed, blue water lily, watermelon, shola, helancha, asparagus, shitalpati, swarnalata, banatulsi etc. in this area. As a result of effective and sustainable measures taken by the district administration, there are currently 208 species of birds, 141 species of small and large, 1 species of amphibians, 34 species of reptiles, 6 species of turtles, 7 species of chameleons and 21 species of snakes in this haor. In the winter season, breaking all past records, Tanguar Haor became famous for the arrival and location of  a large number of birds. Extinct almost extinct palaces eagles, giant gray-kingstarks, vultures and a large number of guest birds were unforgettable views of Tanguar Haor. The combination of  local species of birds like Pankauri, Kalem, Baidar, Dahuk, various types of sand  ducks, gangchil, buck, stork etc. is also wonderful. In general, it is estimated that 20/25 lakh birds were in Tanguar Haor in each of the last winter seasons. In some places only birds can be seen floating over an area of more than a kilometer. Tanguar Haor is a unique interdependent ecosystem of fish, birds and plants. It is most important as a fish sanctuary. 

Tanguar Haor- Sunamganj

Places of interest in Tanguar Haor

* Lots of small swamp forests.

* Niladri Lake (Shaheed Siraj Lake)

* Lakmachhara

* Barikka Tila

* Shimul Bagan

* Watch Tower

* Jadukata River

* The sunset of Haor will stay in your memory for a long time. If you go to the moonlit night, you will get drunk and the wind will make you drunk!

Tanguar Haor Travel Tips and Warnings

***  Take a life jacket with you on a trip to Tanguar Haor. Premium boats have their own life jackets. If you don't know how to swim, don't go down in a little water without a life jacket.

***  After walking some distance in a little water in the magical river suddenly steep deep! there are strong currents at the bottom of the river. Which can not be understood from above. So don't go down the magical river without life jacket.

***  Take an umbrella with you when traveling. Sun and rain will work at any time.

***  Do not throw any indigestible material in the haor. Pay attention to environmental protection.

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