Nijhum Dwip- Noakhali, Bangladesh

Nijhum Dwip- Noakhali, Bangladesh


Nijhum Dwip- Noakhali, Bangladesh

Nijhum Dwip is located to the south of Hatia upazila at the mouth of Meghna river in the south of Noakhali district. The island began to rise from the Bay of Bengal in the 1940s. After going through various stages of char formation, Nijhum Dwip became suitable for grazing in the late 40's. While fishing, the fishermen of Hatiyar discovered Nijhum Dwip. Settlement in Nijhum Dwip started in the mid-fifties. Originally from Hatiyar Jahajmara Union, some fishing families first came to Nijhum Dwip. Fishermen named the island "Ichhamati Island" because of the large number of Ichha fish (shrimp) caught in the area adjacent to Nijhum Island. The island was sometimes referred to as Baylor Dale by the locals as it was sometimes sand dunes or tillers. Although the name Ichhamati Island has been lost over time, locals still refer to the island as the Baylor Dale. Regardless of the name of Nijhum Island or Bailar Dale, the Diyara Survey Division of the Land Ministry surveys the land of this island as Char Osman Mouza. It is said that a brave Bathania named Sardar Osman was the first to cross the Meghna with 100 buffaloes and come to the island for the first time. The entire Nijhum Island is inhabited on about 3000.00 acres and the rest is covered by mangrove forestry. Ichhamati Island, Bailar Char or Char Osman by whatever name is locally known, this island has been known to the people of Bangladesh as Nijhum Island since the early 80's.

Nijhum Dwip- Noakhali, Bangladesh

Places of interest

*  Mangrove forest. Nijhum Dwip Forestry Project.

*  Namar Bazar beach. It takes 10 minutes to walk from Namar Bazaar. From here you can see the sunrise and sunset, have fun barbecue here. 

*  Damar Char. To the south of this Char is a new beach called "Virgin Island". Many unnamed birds can be seen here very early in the morning.

*  Orange Island. Many Hilsa fish can be found in the orange canal there. The surrounding islands are also beautiful. The whole island can be explored on foot.

*  Chowdhury canal and Char of Kabiraj. You have to go before evening in the afternoon, you can see a herd of deer in the forest after walking for an hour down the canal of Chowdhury.

*  Choyakhali and Choyakhali beaches. When you go to Choakhali, you can see deer very early in the morning. Tell the motorcyclist that he will pick you up from the hotel very early in the morning and show you the deer.

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