Fried Chicken

Fried Chicken

Fried Chicken


1. Chicken leg piece: half a kg. However, you can use any part of the chicken if you want. There is no need to use only run.

2. Garlic paste: 1/2 (half) teaspoon

3. Coriander powder: 1 teaspoon

4. Red chili powder: 1 teaspoon

5. Cumin powder: 1/2 (half) teaspoon

6. Flour: 1 tablespoon

7. Ginger paste: 1 teaspoon

8. Corn Flour: The amount of 2 tablespoons

9. Salt: to taste

10. Eggs: Beat one egg well and take half of it.

11. Hot spice powder: 1/2 (half) teaspoon amount

12. Sour yogurt: One tablespoon amount (water should be drained)

Preparation method

*  Pieces of chicken should be cut with a sharp knife or bowl (small scratches on the meat). Then the meat should be wiped well with a thin cloth or chicken tissue so that there is no water in the meat. 

*  Then add ginger-garlic paste, cornflour, flour, sour curd (if there is no water in the sour curd), and all the powdered spices in the chicken.

*  Once it is smeared, you have to pour eggs into it. Then apply well again; As if the spice penetrates well into all the pieces of meat. 

*  Then pour oil into the frying pan and heat it on low-medium heat. Then leave the chicken pieces in oil and fry. Do not discard the remaining spices in the pot. 

*  Cook the chicken pieces for 10 minutes on low medium heat in the oven. Sometimes you have to shake it upside down. At this point the chicken will not be crispy at all, just cooked. If the bones are slightly separated from the meat, then the chicken is well cooked.

*  Once cooked, remove the oil from the chicken pieces and put it in the previous spice bowl, and spread it again with the remaining spices. Then the chicken pitches should be cooled well.

*  Then heat the oil to the highest heat of the oven and fry the chickens in it. Fry for three to four minutes without reducing the heat of the oven. 

*  When the color of the chicken becomes golden brown, it should be taken down. Remove from the frying pan and drain the oil from the chicken fry.

This time the fried chickens will be absolutely crispy. And this crunch will last for two-three hours. Enjoy fun chicken fry together. 

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