Beef Kala Buna

Beef Kala Buna


Beef Kala Buna


*  1 kg beef

*  1/8 cup of mustard oil (if there is fat in the meat, reduce the oil)

*  1/2 cup of onion

*  Onion paste 1/2 cup

*  Chili powder 2 teaspoons (according to salt)

*  Turmeric powder 1/2 teaspoon

*  Coriander powder 2 teaspoons

*  Cumin powder 1/2 teaspoon

*  1 teaspoon of hot spice powder (1/2 teaspoon at the beginning and 1/2 teaspoon before lowering)

*  Salt to taste

*  2 tablespoons of sour yogurt

*  3/4 of green chilies

*  4/5 of cardamom

*  2/3 of cinnamon

*  3/4 of bay leaves

*  1 teaspoon of the whole black pepper

*  5/6 of cloves

*  3/4 dried whole chilies

*  10/12 whole garlic cloves


To roast black, mix all parts of beef and take 1 kg of meat with bones. Drain the water from the meat and mix the onion paste, mustard oil, hot spices, salt, pickles, green chilies, red chili powder, turmeric powder, coriander powder, hot spice powder, ginger-garlic paste with 1/2 cup water. Put it in the oven. Meat does not need water. Even then, if you need to drain, then give enough water. After removing the meat, water will come out and the meat will be cooked in this water. Occasionally the meat should be shaken so that the spice or meat does not stick to the floor in any way. At one stage when the meat is almost cooked, the salt and spices will be all right and the spices will be smeared, then the flame of the stove should be reduced to a minimum. It can take about an hour to roast black. In the meantime, shake the meat and turn it upside down, but do not burn the spices in any way. Kalabhuna means black meat but not burnt meat, so that should be taken care of. In the meantime, add 1 cup of water and cook the meat again. You will see that the meat is turning black and the oil has also left. Then mix 1/2 teaspoon cumin powder and the remaining 1/2 teaspoon hot spice powder. The stove ignites but will remain the same. It can not be increased in any way. In another pan, heat the remaining mustard oil, fry the whole garlic, add whole dried chilies, lightly fry with onion. when the onion turns brown, just pour the onion into the pan. Now put it in the oven for 2/3 minutes and serve it with hot white rice, Parota, polao, naan, and traditional Kalobhuna. Kalo Buna is a little sour. If anyone wants, he can reduce or increase the amount of salt.

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