Bangladeshi Popular Food Bogra Yogurt

Bangladeshi Popular Food Bogra Yogurt


Bangladeshi Popular Food Bogra Yogurt

Bogra district is known as the 'gateway' of North Bengal. But the word yogurt seems to have become synonymous with the name of this district. The reputation of yogurt here has reached beyond the borders of the country to the international arena. Social events like weddings cannot be imagined without yogurt. Adding yogurt to the hospitality of the guests is part of the tradition of the area. Anyone becomes interested to taste Bogra curd. After eating, he admitted that the taste of yogurt here is different from yogurt in other areas.


For one kg of yogurt

2 kg of cow's milk, 250 g of sugar, a small amount of old yogurt, and a clay pot. 


Pour the milk into a clean pan or skillet. Put the pan in the oven. Now keep giving fuel. The slower the fire in the oven, the more delicious the yogurt will be. Now decide whether to make white or ghee-colored yogurt. If you want to make white yogurt, take the pan down after a couple of hours. Put the pan in the oven for three to three and a half hours for ghee colored yogurt. when the milk boils from 2 kg to 1 kg, pour sugar in it. Wait until the sugar melts. When the milk boils, remove the pan. Wait until cool. Heat the clay pot a little. Now pour cold milk on it. Mix one pinch of old curd well with milk. Now jump and cover it. Remove from the heat and leave for four hours. If it does not freeze, take another one and a half to two hours. Serve chilled after freezing. 

History of Bogra Yogurt

Due to the widespread use of this traditional food, it has become a part of society. Production and marketing, demand, and popularity have increased over time. Gaur Gopal Ghosh came to Bogra from India at the time of partition. He took up residence at Sherpur, 25 km from the city. His relatives already lived there. He already knew the technique of making yogurt. He brought a huge change in the taste and meaning of yogurt. He used to make yogurt in Sherpur and come to the city on foot by ferry to sell yogurt. Now what we mean by Bogra curd is basically the formula of that Gauragopal. The then Nawab of Pakistan, Mohammad Ali, was overwhelmed by the taste of his curd. The family of Nawab Mohammad Ali of Bogra called him and settled Gaur Gopal in the mango orchard of the palace and set up a place for setting up a curd factory. Gaur Gopal lived permanently in that mango orchard till the late sixties. At first, he used to make yogurt only for the two Nawab families of Bogra. Later, he expanded his business with his brother Suren Ghosh and started a new era of Bogra Yogurt. Another member of the Ghosh family is competing with them. Then Muharram Ali set up a company rich in the yogurt industry. Akbaria Hotel, a traditional company of Bogra, also came forward in the yogurt business. In 1985, Ahsanul Kabir brought modernization to the yogurt industry through his 'Yoghurt House' organization. His established approach to the process of making, packing, and marketing yogurt opens up new possibilities for the dairy industry. Bogra Yogurt is spread all over the country due to its improved taste and convenient transportation system. Recently, Asia Sweetmeat has gained popularity due to its innovation in the taste of yogurt. In addition, more than a hundred companies named Shyamli, Ruchita, Chinipata, Saudia, Daibazar, Foodvillage are producing and marketing yogurt in Bogra. Sir John Anderson, the then British Governor of Bengal, came to Bogra. He tasted Bogra curd for the first time with the hospitality of the Nawab's house in Bogra. A special type of yogurt made in a glass container is provided for him. The taste of the yogurt fascinated him so much that he expressed his desire to take the yogurt from here to England. Ayub Khan, the dictator of Pakistan, also went to Mete for the taste of Bogra curd. 

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