The mysterious Alutila Cave

Location :- The Alutila cave is located in the khagrachari district of Bangladesh .located 7 km west of the main twon of Matiranga sub-district in khagrachari district .The Alutila cave is located on the Alutila hills .The height of this mountain is three thousand feet above sea level . Alutila is the highest hill khagrachari district.

Description :- The Alutila cave is known to the locals ,as the matai hakra or the cave of the gods .The Alutila cave is one them other natural caves on the earth .This cave is very dark and cool . sunlight does not enter this cave . Inside the cave is a source of light for you ,only a torch made of Bamboo.The bottom of the cave is slippery and rocky .A fountain flows through its bottom .The cave looks like a subterranean tunnel ,Which is 350 feet is length .The cave enters one side,it takes about 15 minutes to reach the other side .The height of the cave sometimes much lower . Becouse of this , sometime you have to go through crawl . To reach the cave from the summit of the mountain,you will have to cross 266 stars . The mouth of the cave is 18 feet in diameter . cold air flows from inside the cave .due to the flow of fountains continuously inside the cave ,bottom rocks have become slippery.

Naming :- People can be heard in the mouth , In the khagrachari famine occurred during the world war 2 . during the famine , People gather wild alu ( alu means potatoes ) from this mountain and eat alu for act of living .From then on the mountain became known as alutila ( tila means hill ) .There are still plenty of wild potatoes available here .

Warning:- Because the cave stones are slippery , you have to be careful on move . Inside the cave you can take a mobile flashlight or any flashlight for extra security . For traveler and adventures this cave is must visit should once time . 

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