Cloud Country Sajek valley

Location :- The sajek valley is located in Baghaichari sub-district of Rangamati district of Bangladesh . The sajek valley lies on the border of Mizoram north of Rangamati district .Tipura India is located in the north of sajek valley ,langodue of Rangamati on the south , Mizoram on the east and Dighinala of khagrachari on the west .The size of sajek is 702 square miles. It is a largest union of Bangladesh . Here have a BGB camp and its name is sajek BGB camp . Sajek is  composed of Ruilui laid and kanglak laid .Established in 1885, the ruilui laid is about 1720 feet above sea level .else The kanglak laid is situated at the height of 1800 feet on the kanglak hill . Sajek's Banana and Orange are quit famous . Mainly Tribes of Lusai ,Pangkhoa and Tripura lives in sajek .

Natural Beauty :- clouds can be seen everywhere . Mountains and green meadows are visible here . Three helipads exist here . From which Spectacular view of sunrise and sunset can be seen . If you ever want to wander around in the cloud country .You can visit this sajek valley .Because it is called the state of the cloud . If  you go there ,you will feel like you are roaming on cloud . Being an exceptional experience . Three forms of nature can be seen here in 24 hours .Sometimes its too hot , a little rain suddenly and after while ,can be seen clouds are covered all around . If you wish ,you can trekking from the Ruilui hill get to kanglak hill . Kanglak is the highest hill of sajek . On the way to kanglak ,there are big mountains on the border of Mizoram ,the lives of the indigenous people and all around the cloud captures the eyes of tourists . Tourists can enjoy tribal festivals and their cultures at certain times at the year . Much of the Rangamati is seen from the sajek valley .So the sajek valley is called roof of the rangamati  . For travelers and adventurers this come is must visit ,should once time.

Naming :- The sajek valley is named after the river sajek .

Transport System :- The distance from khagrachari district headquarters to about 70 km and about 49 km from Dighinala .Although sajek is located in Rangamati  district its transportation facilities from khagrachari . From khagrachari city or Dighinala to the local car (zip car, cng ,motorcycle ) is the easiest and most popular way to to go . On the way there is the baghaihat Army camp . From there it is important to obtain the original permission to travel to sajek with the information at the traveling members . It is called Army escort . From there ,the members of the Army safely dispatched the traversals in sajek . sajek is allowed to go two certain times of day ( 10.30 am or 3.30 pm) . These rules are followed to ensure maximum safety of the tourists .

Warning :- During the monsoon the mountains are prone to collapse and there are disruptions to the communication system .Then you have to mane carefully and then travelers should use good quality gripped tracking shoes . 

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